The Well ~ For Marti

The Well ~ For Marti


How can I explain the darkness
That drinks from the well of my heart?
To look down, you would not see your
Shining face reflected on the water’s black.

I cannot describe the depth nor the cold
Of the ice beneath that fluid surface
It waits for me in all weather, still and patient,
Eternally fixed at the bottom of my being.

I listen for the rainwater, lightly falling in,
Soon snow will drift down silently.
I only know where the sun will not reach
I only understand the onset of ends.

I no longer thirst for feeling, I no longer float
Above the reach of those thieving monsters
Who stole my childhood from me, yours from you.
I forgive for the sake of sanity, but I can’t forget.

Pulling them upward, I inch my way toward the light,
That small circle of hope above me where birdsong
Beckons and my dogs adore me. Falling stars guide me
Into the arms of my lover, who, speaking gently, dries my face.



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