My Familiar

My Familiar

My companion is half-husky
Half Border Collie, we figure
Eyes a faded denim blue yet
Deep as the dark night sky.

She found us two years ago
Who knows how old she is?
She’s no pup, but then
Neither am I.

I used to arrive freshly-pressed
Highly-caffeinated with
Leather case and a purse
Full of fine cosmetics.
You could say I was
(for a human).

Now I roll out
At day break, yawning
Covered in dog hair
To walk the garden with
My familiar, my guide.
Her ears are antennae
Her snow-nose detects
Each bug and leaf along the path.
I’m lucky if I remember to wear a bra
But I always have a spare poop bag
In some pocket somewhere.

I’m back on our porch before long.
Damp with misty rain
Looking down on her smiling face
She’s ready for breakfast and
I’m ready for the day
In her gentle presence
By her constant light.


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