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Wellness Coaching

Finding a balance between what we need to do for others and what we want to do for ourselves is an ongoing challenge. Small changes in our habits lead to big changes in the long run, and a happier life!

Creative Coaching

Take your creativity to the next level ~whatever level that may be.
If you’re searching for your creative self, we’ll explore your possibilities based on your natural tendencies.
If you’re an established artist in need of a sounding board, or if you aspire to make your living doing what you love, I can help.

Vocal Coaching

Enjoy singing with confidence! Develop your stage presence and your style by recording songs in studio. Let me help you set your voice free! All levels and styles of music are welcome.

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Love the Questions

“Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.” ~Rilke Tweet


Be the Hero of Your Own Life

The Hero’s Journey “This is what James Joyce called the monomyth: an archetypal story that springs from the collective unconscious. […]


With BB King at Expo 86 Vancouver, BC


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